What We Do

We are a property rental management company dedicated to maximizing your property’s income while minimizing risk. We list properties on Airbnb and VRBO.

Services we provide

Listing setup: We create and optimize a new listing for your property under our Superhost (AirBnB) or Premier Host (VRBO) account. We require 2 weeks to get a listing up with professional photos.

Guest communication: We handle all guest communication before, during and after their stay.

Cleaning coordination: We maintain a reliable process with our cleaning staff, ensuring quality and consistency.

Advanced pricing strategies: We blend our own personal experience with advanced software to maximize revenue and minimize risk.

Tax compliance: We obtain an occupancy tax ID with Cattaraugus county and remit quarterly taxes from VRBO on your behalf. We prepare an end of year statement you can hand to your accountant.

Supply checks: We perform monthly supply checks and restock essentials.

Maintenance: We are your first response to guest issues, utilizing a network of handymen and trades.

Recommendations: We offer suggestions to enhance your property’s performance.

Services we don’t provide

Property setup: You are responsible for ensuring your property is clean and tidy before it’s listed.

Garbage removal: You must arrange for regular garbage pickup.

Hot/Pool maintenance: We do not maintain pools or hot tubs ourselves but can coordinate with local subcontractors and pass on the expense.

Property management: You must arrange for seasonal yard clean-ups, lawn service, gutter cleaning and snow removal.

Direct bookings: We do not offer short-term direct bookings to avoid risk; platform fees on AirBnB and VRBO offer benefits like identity verification, reviews and insurance.

Management Fee

We charge 20% of the nightly rate (aka accommodation fee). For example, if the property rents for $100/night, we keep $20 and pay you $80. We collect all payouts associated with your property, including cleaning fees and taxes, and provide monthly statements summarizing revenue, our fee, and our expenses.

For properties without air conditioning, our management fee is 25% and we only list the property from October 1st through March 31st.

We recommend all properties without AC to consider the investment.

Expenses to expect

We will deduct all expenses we incur operating your listing from your payouts on a monthly basis.

Variable expenses: household supplies, incidental replacements (e.g., coffee maker, toaster), maintenance repairs.

On average, you should expect about $50-100 in these types of expenses per month. Some months will be more than others.

Fixed expenses: We provide all linens, towels, comforters, and paper products for our properties. We drop ship these supplies to our cleaners who are responsible with stocking between each stay.

We deduct $7 per bed per month for the use of our linen, towels and comforters and $15 per toilet and kitchen sink per month for paper products (toilet paper and paper towel).

For example, a condo which has 4 beds, 1 bathroom and 1 kitchen we would deduct $28 for linens, towels and comforters and $30 for paper products per month.

We coordinate these types of expenses this way to reduce the need for frequent owner communication.

We will waive these fixed fees if the property does not have more than 1 reservation in a month.

Payment schedule:

We issue payments monthly during the first week of each month, preferably through Zelle. Paper checks are possible if necessary.

What income to expect

Income depends on a number of factors such as property location, condition, size, and design. Generally, you can expect $10-20k per bedroom per year, assuming your property has air conditioning. About 50% of that revenue happens between mid-December and the end of March (ski season). Be aware that competition in Ellicottville is always increasing and the overall market landscape changes considerably year to year.

Personal use

We treat your use like any other guest. You provide us the dates you want to reserve and we’ll add it to your calendar. We will add a cleaning fee as an expense for each reservation as our cleaners will arrive as they always do at the end of your stay. We won’t cancel reservations if your desired dates overlap with any existing bookings.

Contract Terms:

We require a 1-year commitment, after which the contract becomes month-to-month. Reservations associated with your property are owned by us, and we reserve the right to move them in the event you decide to terminate our contract. We kindly ask you inform us of any changes, preferably with at least 3 months notice.

Review our standard 1-year contract for details.